onsdag 5 juli 2017

Clearwing encounter

Found 2 Large Red-belted Clearwings or Mygglik glasvinge in swedish (Synanthedon culiciformis) in my garden in Fläckebo yesterday. I thought they where another species first, actually the Raspberry clearwing (Pennisetia hylaeiformis) but this was more unexpected. These little creatures are in fact Moths even if they look like something else.

fredag 2 juni 2017

Great Grey Owl encounter

Some days you are just more lucky than others. Like when this Great Grey Owl flew towards me twice and eventually just passed 2 meters above my head as I crouched down in the vegetation.

söndag 12 februari 2017

White-backed Woodpecker

The White-backed Woodpecker is struggling for survival in Sweden. Very few pairs are breeding despite several years of releasing captivity-raised birds in traditional breeding areas. Last year was hopeful after a good influx of eastern birds in the autumn. There are certainly more birds observed this year again. This female seems to be the same (ringed) bird spending the winter in the same area for the last three years. Nevertheless always a good bird to see.

söndag 8 januari 2017

Who likes a Mandarin Duck in Sweden?

Nobody likes a Mandarin Duck in Sweden…or do you? Well I beg to differ. This bird has been eluding me for years, although often present in the east harbour area of Västerås. The other day I finally got it and I must say I was impressed, what a stunning bird!! What a fantastic blend of colors. Look at the deep blue on the shoulder for instance. I didn´t even know it had that patch. Nevermind it´s a category D-bird on the Swedish list. Just enjoy it! In fact I met several birders there eager to get it on their year-list. :)