söndag 15 april 2018

Adder, Bat and spring warmth

Finally a really nice, sunny, calm day, even a bit hot. We went to Asköviken for a traditional spring picnic to enjoy the first Blue Anemones, Butterflies (Brimstone and Small tortoiseshell), look for Adders and birds around the wetland. We only found one adder (male) - less than usual, Marsh Harriers and Ospreys had arrived and the Black-headed Gull colony was loud and lively as it should be. An adult White-tailed Eagle soared just above us for a while and flushed all the Geese on the flooded pasture. The biggest surprise was a largish bat that flew around in broad daylight by the watch-tower. Probably a Common Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula) - Större brunfladdermus in swedish.

lördag 10 mars 2018

Three-toed Woodpecker on Björnön

A male Three-toed Woodpecker has been reported infrequently during the winter from the south parts of Björnön (Bear island) nature reserve just outside Västerås. It´s not a regular bird in this (more deciduous) part of the area, but there´s a good infestation of bark beetles here and a good stand of dead or dying spruce trees. Our visitors from Belgium and England got lucky to see it really close feeding low down on trunks. Even I got a few pictures I´m reasonably happy with.

söndag 14 januari 2018

White-backed Wood

A male White-backed Woodpecker is currently residing in Kilsbergen, Narke in central Sweden. It´s the first twitchable bird of it´s species in the area for some years. Most other birds seen down here are from the re-introduction-program and raised in captivity. This bird has no colour-rings (or any rings at all) and is perfectly wild. Subsequently a bit difficult to see as well. I only got lousy pics but they qualify on the birds status alone.