söndag 9 juni 2019

Great Grey Owls

Great Grey Owls haven´t had a great year in central Sweden so far. But there are some pockets with voles in the landscape that attract Owls. We are blessed to have some of these gorgeous birds in our area this year.

lördag 20 april 2019

Good time for Capercaillie leks

The cold start of the swedish spring tipped over to warmer weather with easter. Suddenly birds became very active on the Grouse leks. Now the lekking season for Capercaillies seems to be peaking in the central parts of Sweden. These pictures where taken by Simon Green from a hide on our lekking site in the Black River Valley the other day. This morning there was again very good activity on the spot. No females reported here yet, but on other sites mating season is in full swing.

söndag 3 mars 2019

Spring arrives with Great Grey Owls

The last week several Great Grey Owls have appeared in the central parts of Sweden. On this latitude they tend to be very invisible in wintertime, absent most of the time from known breeding areas. With the warm spell we´ve had the last weeks they suddenly became visible again. It´s not unusual that they appear when the snow thaws and they can find prey more easily on the open grass areas and meadows. Remains to see if this will be a good breeding season or not around here. We don´t see an abundance of voles yet.