tisdag 27 september 2016

Cranes at Hjälstaviken

Hjälstaviken is a great place to spend an afternoon/evening this time of the year. Bearded Reedlings in the reed beds, loads of (thousands) Bean Geese, Barnacles and 15 or so less White-fronts. As a finale to the evening comes the Cranes. A loveley spectacle!

Don´t think I´ve ever seen a Camberwell Beauty as late as this. Must be a fenology record.

tisdag 20 september 2016

Hawk Owl influx

It got almost dark before we saw the Hawk Owl last night. Wasn´t very obliging either, but always a great bird to see and an unmistakable silhouette. There´s an unusually early influx in southern Sweden at the moment. They normally arrive as winter guests by mid november. Indication of a good winter bird & bird photo season coming up. 

torsdag 8 september 2016

Autumn Eagles

Duller light and not more than 2 catches still produced a couple of ok shots this morning. A bit of autumn atmosphere for the first time this season.

lördag 27 augusti 2016

Ospreys and White-tailed Eagles keep performing for cameras when we feed them fish from our boat on Mälaren. Yesterday was a beautiful, calm morning with just a little bit of overcast but mostly sun and clear skies.

söndag 24 juli 2016

White-tailled Eagles from boat

We have now started our new operation with Eagle and Osprey photography from a boat. Here´s some of todays Eagle pics. € White-tailed Eagles and 5-6 Ospreys came down and took fish we gave them.

söndag 13 mars 2016

Last Hawk Owl for the season

Perhaps this was the last session I got with Hawk Owls this season. Such a charming creature. And a weasel showed up for a while as well.