söndag 12 februari 2017

White-backed Woodpecker

The White-backed Woodpecker is struggling for survival in Sweden. Very few pairs are breeding despite several years of releasing captivity-raised birds in traditional breeding areas. Last year was hopeful after a good influx of eastern birds in the autumn. There are certainly more birds observed this year again. This female seems to be the same (ringed) bird spending the winter in the same area for the last three years. Nevertheless always a good bird to see.

söndag 8 januari 2017

Who likes a Mandarin Duck in Sweden?

Nobody likes a Mandarin Duck in Sweden…or do you? Well I beg to differ. This bird has been eluding me for years, although often present in the east harbour area of Västerås. The other day I finally got it and I must say I was impressed, what a stunning bird!! What a fantastic blend of colors. Look at the deep blue on the shoulder for instance. I didn´t even know it had that patch. Nevermind it´s a category D-bird on the Swedish list. Just enjoy it! In fact I met several birders there eager to get it on their year-list. :)

måndag 14 november 2016

Can´t get enough of Waxwings

Waxwings keep entertaining us around the Black River Valley. Today Skultuna had a nice flock of 160 or more. Light was better on saturday though when I took these pics just before sunrise in -14° centigrades.

söndag 13 november 2016

New species for Sweden and Europe

An American Tree Sparrow/ Tundrasparv (Spizella arborea) was located near Staffanstorp in Skåne, southern Sweden yesterday on the 12.th of November.  This North American species have previously never been documented from Sweden or in fact Europe or even the Western Palearctic at all. The bird was still present today during the morning. Picture here: https://www.artportalen.se/Media/Image/1685447

tisdag 8 november 2016

Waxwings by the hundreds

Hundreds of Waxwings have been swarming around the gardens in Fläckebo the last few days. Feeding on apples and berries. In one garden I estimated some 800 birds and just shortly after at least 400 were in my garden. Very satisfying to see that the apples I left got so appreciated. These lovely birds are among my favorites all categories.

Hawk Owls remain

At least 10 different Hawk Owls are still present around the Bergslagen area in Västmanland. Roger and Margot Cattin got some nice shots this weekend. Thank you for sharing!

söndag 6 november 2016

Eagle bonanza on season premiere

The first two days of the Eagle winter season gave full hands for the photographers. 9 respective 10 Eagles came down to feed in front of the hide on friday and saturday, and gave plenty of good chances for photography. The majority being White-tailed Eagles, but at least one Golden Eagle was also present. A dark, nice looking juvenile bird without any rings. These sample pictures where taken by Roger and Margot Cattin from Nordfriesland, Germany. Thanks for sharing.