onsdag 10 juni 2009

Group saw Lynx

23:rd of May 2009
We had a really enjoyable weekend with this very enthusiastic and self driven group of nature-lovers. The question is if the highlight of all wasn´t in fact a mammal? In the late saturday night on our way to look for Pygmy Owl, a Lynx is suddenly sitting on the roadside in front of us.
We slow down to watch it in the lights of the car the few seconds we have, before it jumps off into the woods. People in both vans get to see it (though not all) and we who did, can only say; Wow! This is the first time ever a Birdsafarisweden group have seen a Lynx together.
Two days later a Lynx picture is published in the local newspaper, taken a few miles away the day before ours, also on a roadside, might very well be the same straggling (most likely immature) animal.

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