söndag 30 december 2007

Sun at last

30:th of December 2007
After a period of drab and dull weather, at last a day with some sunshine. I take a quick turn to my feeding station for Hawfinches to refill. Five beautiful Hawfinches and a Bullfinch are present, eating sunflowerseads. Some soft rays of sunshine are caressing colour into the bird plumages, even the Greenfinches look stunning.
     Later a brisk walk down to the harbour in Väste
rås is rewarding with fresh air and sunshine. As we approach the 
mist is ris
ing f
rom the surface of open water and ice, and as the low standing sun shines upon it, a beautiful lig
ht is created.
     A White-tailed eagle have been spotted as it perches a treetop on the nearest island. A small gathering of people around a tripod and telescope gives it away.
    Plenty of gulls are coming in to roost on the ice. Most of them Herrings–, but a couple of Black-
headed– and Great Black-backed Gulls too. It´s time to scan 
these flocks more carefully for other Gull species, but we settle for a nice, hot cappuchino in the harbour café this time.