onsdag 31 juli 2013

Black tern hide in feature

The newspaper VLT published a feature about the Birdsafarisweden floating hide for Black Tern photography yesterday. Here it is with slideshow and sound on the web: http://vlt.se/nyheter/vasteras/1.2136992-bild-ljud-svarttarnor-i-svartadalen

tisdag 30 juli 2013

Peregrine on the dome

The cathedral/ dome/ church in Västerås is not only the tallest building in town, but since Sunday at least also the new favourite perch for our 2:nd calender year male from last year´s hacking clutch. I will name him "the Ringer" after his preferred sitting-point! He´s been harassing this year´s clutch of chicks, visiting their cage on the water tower, stealing their food and acting aggressively. The last days he seems to have calmed down a bit though. The young ones are still attending the (now open) hacking-cage and he only pays a visit every now and then. Anders Nylén took the close up. Anyway it is like a little dream come true to see Peregrine on the church of my home town just a few blocks away from home. It´s also a first step to realise the goal of the project, local breeding birds, because this guy means business!

lördag 27 juli 2013

Peregrine arrival

5 Peregrine chicks raised on Nordens Ark arrived to Västerås yesterday to be put in the new cage on a roof near the old steam boiler in the harbour area. A little fight broke out between two of them, that´s why one is still lying on it´s back in defense position. Meanwhile 2 of the chicks from the first clutch where cool on the old water tower sitting just outside the cage, they arrive some weeks ago and are fully fledged by now, coming and going as they want.

tisdag 23 juli 2013

Griffon Vulture in Skåne

After a little round-tour in southern Sweden the Griffon vulture is settling down. The bird turned up in in Västervik on the 16:th of July, roosted in a pine and took height the next moring, that followed by brief views in Skåne, the next day on Öland, then missing for 2 days and now back in Skåne and well watched for the 2.nd day. Pav Johnson got these pics on Öland.

Booted eagle still around

The dark morph booted Eagle is still present in Hjälstaviken, uppland after 3 weeks, only the 25:th record in Sweden and definitely the first long-staying and twitchable bird ever.