tisdag 30 juli 2013

Peregrine on the dome

The cathedral/ dome/ church in Västerås is not only the tallest building in town, but since Sunday at least also the new favourite perch for our 2:nd calender year male from last year´s hacking clutch. I will name him "the Ringer" after his preferred sitting-point! He´s been harassing this year´s clutch of chicks, visiting their cage on the water tower, stealing their food and acting aggressively. The last days he seems to have calmed down a bit though. The young ones are still attending the (now open) hacking-cage and he only pays a visit every now and then. Anders Nylén took the close up. Anyway it is like a little dream come true to see Peregrine on the church of my home town just a few blocks away from home. It´s also a first step to realise the goal of the project, local breeding birds, because this guy means business!

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