onsdag 28 april 2010

Lesser White-fronts

26:th of April 2010
For the first time in several years, a whole flock of Lesser White-fronted Geese, are staging at Asköviken, near Västerås. 10 of them (none of them ringed) appear with a variety of no less than 7 species of Geese, including Whitefronted–, Pink-footed_, Barnacle–, Greylag–, Canada–, Bean– and probably 4 Tundra Bean Geese as well. Not bad.

First Ural Owl day

24:th of April 2010
Today is actually the first day of the year that Ural Owl nestboxes will be checked in the area. Here is one sitting near a nesting site.

All in for Owls

24:th of April 2010
A bit exciting even for us regulars but especially for the visitors of course. As you can see they go all in for Owls!

Ural beauty

24:th of April 2010
At close range Ural Owl is a kind-faced beauty with a lot of integrity. Isn´t she?

Ural eggs

24:th of April 2010
This is how moderately furnished a Ural Owl apartment is. A clutch with 4 eggs is a good size for Ural Owls. A good indication that this year is offering plenty of food (voles) in their territories. Both females we find incubating today are on 4 eggs.


24:th of April 2010
And don´t they make a beautiful couple? The Ural Owl is the one to the left! Pav Johnsson to the right.

Release of the Owl

24:th of April 2010
and letting her go...


18:th of April 2010
Goldeneyes are filling the lakes this time of the year and quite amusing in their courtship display. A quite underrated bird, much better than it´s reputation. Photo: Edo van Uchelen.

Slavonian Grebe

18:th of April 2010
The first Slavonian Grebe for the year don´t look so supreme perhaps. Maybe it´s a younger bird or not fully in summer plumage. Photo: Edo van Uchelen.

Black Grouse lek

18:th of April 2010
The Black Grouse have started their leking season. Courtesy of Edo van Uchelen.

Hawfinch still working

17:th of April 2010
The Hawfinch feeding station is still working really well, with plenty of Bramblings and Siskin lately as well. Edo van Uchelen got some nice pics.

fredag 23 april 2010

Snow in April

16:th of April 2010
This morning weather has gone crazy. When I leave home I drive through heavy rain,m then heavy snowfall and then rain again. When we reach the ekopark, a clear blue sky great us. The air is fresh and as the sun rises, temperature raises dramatically so all the snow starts to melt from the trees, dropping down like rain. Amazing!

Rana arvalis

16:th of April 2010
Despite the cold morning a frog (Rana arvalis) is out crawling over the road. This little bugger is known to turn blue during the matingseason.

Grey head calling

16:th of April 2010
A male Grey-headed Woodpecker calls, drums and shows really well today.

onsdag 21 april 2010

First good Butterfly-day

13:th of April 2010
This is the first really good day for Butterflies this year. 4 species are seen on a little walk along the forestlake Öjesjön. Brimstone, Small tortoiseshell, Comma and Camberwell beauty. The last two firsts for 2010 for me. So great to see them back again. It´s always an intriguing thought that they actuellay can survive the winter here.

Swans passing by

13:th of April 2010
After a very delayed spring, the Valley got filled with Whooper Swans very suddenly. On the 10:th I counted 1.600, on the 11:th there were still more than a thousand, but not the day after. I believe they all left on the 12:th. Today it´s sunny and warm in shelter from the easterly wind and at least a flock of 100 Swans are singing and dancing in front of us. 300 Bean Geese and the years´ first Curlew is seen right here too.

tisdag 6 april 2010

Star wars camp

24:th of March 2010
The campsite looks like something taken from a Star wars movie and planet Zynx.


24:th of March 2010
Could you imagine to spend the night here?

Oswald by his tipi

24:th of March 2010
Oswald is my guide today and he shows me around to his various campsites up in the mountains, where he and his partner Malin takes visitors on horseback safaris to enjoy nature and the sami way of living. (in summertime of course). Check out their website!


24:th of March 2010
Biergenas (in sami) or Björkfjället in swedish is a good birding area in summer, right now it´s pretty empty but very impressive.

Daniel on the rocks

24:th of March 2010
Just me at some impressive rocks with 3 flight-displaying Golden Eagles.

Haybarns in the Ammarnäs delta

24:th of March 2010
Had to wear snowshoes to get out to these haybarns in the delta for some afternoon photography.

lördag 3 april 2010

Migrating Cranes

3:rd of April 2010
A really warm, sunny, gorgeous day spent at Asköviken with some migrating Cranes, the first Marsh Harriers, Ospreys, Green Sandpipers and the springsound of plenty of Black-headed Gulls by the wetlands.

Butterfly-season finally here

3:rd of April 2010
Today we had the first day for the year with several Butterflies and Moths flying. Orange Underwings, Brimstones and Small tortoiseshells (picture by Simon Green).

Wolves on the run

1:st of April 2010
Today Marcus and I head out to look for Wolves. There are now 4(!) territories in our part of the world and we first examine some reported tracks from yesterday or the day before and some droppings. Then it gets more exciting as we enounter two sets of new tracks crossing the road and heading for a lake but then turning back.

Fresh prints

1:st of April 2010
The prints on the roadside are really fresh and most probably from today.

the print

1:st of April 2010
A closer look at the print.

Wolf and man

1:st of April 2010
Hand meets paw.