onsdag 21 april 2010

First good Butterfly-day

13:th of April 2010
This is the first really good day for Butterflies this year. 4 species are seen on a little walk along the forestlake Öjesjön. Brimstone, Small tortoiseshell, Comma and Camberwell beauty. The last two firsts for 2010 for me. So great to see them back again. It´s always an intriguing thought that they actuellay can survive the winter here.

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Ann Miles sa...

We have Brimstone, Tortoiseshell and Commas here in Eastern England. The weather has been sunny and warm by day but still a cold wind and nights. I am going to try to run my moth trap at least once a week and build up a library of moths. Putting them on http://toftmoths.blogspot.com/ -please feel free to correct any wrong identifications.