torsdag 28 december 2017

Christmas Pine Marten

Look who popped in on the Goshawk feeding station on the night of Christmas eve!

Rough-legged Buzzard keeps coming

Our new feeding station for Rough-legged Buzzard (possibly the first of it´s kind?) keeps working fine. This (seemingly) adult female is probably the same bird that held a winter territory on the spot last winter, just as we were building the hide. Yesterday we saw it hover over the grass areas, hunting for voles, after having fed itself lunch from the bait we put out. Since Short-eared Owl was seen the week before, there´s probably some voles around. Great Grey Shrike was seen nearby yesterday as well. Indications for a good winter season. First three pics by Simon Green.

onsdag 20 december 2017

A day in the Goshawk hide

A full day in the Goshawk hide yesterday was very exciting. We first saw a Short-eared Owl as we installed photographer Niclas Ahlberg from Stockholm in the new Rough-legged Buzzard hide. Then we - me and my 23-year-old son Simon Green - put ourselves in the Goshawk hide. Eventually a juvenile female appeared and spent some 40 minutes feeding. A short visit from her mother added to the experience but didn´t produce any pictures. At the end a Pygmy Owl whistled at dusk. A great day to be one of the darkest of the year. Simon got these nice pics of the juv Goshawk.

fredag 15 december 2017

The World´s first feeding station for Rough-legged Buzzard?

Our new feeding station for Rough-legged Buzzards (and photo hide) got a kick-start to the season when swiss photographer Pascal Favre visited us and got some really nice pictures of this beautiful and showy raptor. To our knowledge this might be the only feeding operation for this northern raptor in the world! Welcome to visit Birdsafarisweden in the Black River Valley for some Winter raptor photography! See more of Pascal´s excellent work from his week in sweden on his own webpageèdeSweden/2017/

tisdag 5 december 2017

Northern lights over the Black River

It´s not often that Northern lights/ Aurora borealis gets documented in our area. Yesterday there was an alert out that it could be possible to see over big parts of Sweden. Luckily Margot and Roger Cattin from Germany where out and got some pictures over Lake Gussjön.

måndag 4 december 2017

Wolf photographed in the Black River Valley

Since about a year back, theres´s been reports of tracks and droppings from Wolves in the Black River area again. There are at least 6 wolf territories in the county Västmanland, but all are west of us. This is the first time a wolf has been documented in the area for several years. Pictures by Alf Johansson (5) and Ulf Broberg (1-4).