fredag 24 april 2009

Polish visit

22:nd of April 2009
This week we received a visit from a delegation of tour-operators and travel magazines from Poland! During 5 busy days they went on Moose- and Beaver safaris, paddled the black River in Canoes, descended 150 meters down into Sala silvermine, ate with Vikings at Frösåker and much more.
Some saw Capercaillies and Great Grey Owl. We hope this can be a start to open for Polish travellers to reach our region.

torsdag 9 april 2009

Great Grey comeback

4:th of April 2009
The Great Grey Owls have been abscent from the local breeding site since last years breeding season. (When they succesfully reared 1 chick) Lot´s of southbound movement on Great Greys during the winter and a very late spring made us worry and wait, worry and wait. Normally they start singing in late February, but this year it was silent.. until... just a few days ago.
Needless to say it is with some relief that we watch the pair back "on campus", hunting, calling and interacting. The pair even sits on the same branch in a birch tree for a while, rubbing against each other. Cute and great!

onsdag 8 april 2009

And then came spring

1:st of April 2009
So after a long, cold, snowy winter we finally get to feel warmth and sunshine and listen to quires of hundreds of singing birds (Whooper Swans). Today we suffer in the cold, early morning as we watch at least 22 displaying Black Grouse cocks. But as we put ourselves to rest at Näs, Fläcksjön, the temperature rises as we lean back towards the lea side of the barn. Some nice birds appear like 2 Rough-legged Buzzards, 2-3 White-tailed Eagles and the first Grey Wagtail.
It is also especially joyful to see the first Butterflies of the year. A Small Tortoiseshell is the first one out. Finally!

Crazy Wood

1:st of April 2009
A male Grey-headed Woodpecker is singing intensively around our viewpoint at Fläcksjön. As I imitate it, it gets more and more agitated and finally it sits in the nearest tree just a few meters away. Long enough to produce at least one decent shot through the scope.

torsdag 2 april 2009

Ammarnäs – a northern pearl

24:th of March 2009
Ammarnäs in the very heart of Swedish Lapland is a beautiful and extraordinary place where the road ends and miles of vast wilderness surround you. Here you can experience birds and wildlife as well as taking part in traditional activities of the indigenous Sami people. This is also one of the best areas for Arctic Fox in Sweden. Check out some of the local websites, like Ammarnäsgården, Ammarnäs by, or if you´re into fishing;
The local welcome sign is famous.


24:th of March 2009
Of course you expect to see Reindeer up here in the very north of Sweden, but this little Rudolf is actually one of very few we see on this trip. He might have braod cloves, but he really struggles in the almost a meter deep snow.

Haze over the delta

25:th of March 2009
The Ammarnäs delta with it´s grey, little haybarns is one of few places in Sweden where you still can see Lesser White-fronted Geese i springtime. It´s a beautiful place even in winter.


25:th of March 2009
Ingrid is one of several hospitable people in Ammarnäs who invite us in to her home to see handicraft and taste delicious, wellprepared sami cooking. Hat and boots all homemade of Reindeer skin by herself. Note the reindeer meat hanging to dry under her terrace ceiling.

The sami village

25:th of March 2009
The collection of traditional log cabins in the middle of Ammarnäs is worth a visit.

The meat

25:th of March
Souvas – salted, lightly smoked reindeermeet is so tasty, but this fillet is even marinated in Cognac! Talk about Sami cuisine!