måndag 31 januari 2011

Good day for Siberian Jays

31:st of January 2011
The Siberian Jays are just as obliging as you want them to be – especially on a sunny day like this. 4 birds are present. Hot dogs for lunch.

Pine Grosbeaks all over

31:st of January 2011
Pine Grosbeaks seem to be all over the forest at Kittan, Jädraås. On a little walk we encounter 8+ 7 birds. The first flock is fouraging in the sunlit treetops along the road. Uttering their fluty, melodic, lovely calls.

Pine Grosbeaks against the light

31:st of January 2011
Against the light but a bit more full body. In this group of at least 8, there was only 1 adult male. Never got a good shot at him though, but good views in bins. Always such a good bird to see.

Pine Grosbeak female

31:st of January 2011
This was the closest picture I got in fair light. Mustardlike yellow colour is significant for the adult female.

Three good Woodpeckers

30:th of January 2011
A good day´s birding in Färna Ekopark produce 3 good species of Woodpecker. Black-‚ Three-toed– and Grey-headed. All of them males. Long-tailed Tit and Black Grouse among other stuff.

lördag 29 januari 2011

Grouse Charma

29:th of January 2011
I think I start to believe Matt when he says he´s got "Grouse Charma". This female Black Grouse was sitting just in front of the car for a long time and didn´t even fly when we drove past. Matt took the picture. Nice job!


29:th of January 2011
In old time Britain they were called Greyhen (am I right?). This picture was taken by Lauren. Great work!

Willow tit

29:th of January 2011
A perhaps unusually "unshaved" looking Willow tit shows well by the bog. They look a bit more like this further north, with this more rufous tinge to the flanks as well.

Ural Owl down feather

29:th of January 2011
A Ural Owl feather is found hanging from a tree along the path. Interesting since we don´t normally see them here (in the western part of the area). Yesterday we found a Tawny Owl roosting site in a barn with droppings, pellets and feathers.

Black Grouse killed

29:th of January 2011
Feathers, some blood and intestants from a male Black Grouse is found in the forest.

Matt & Lauren

29:th of January 2011
Lauren & Matthews Sarver are enjoying another great day in the Black River valley. Nutcrackers, Crested–, Willow- and Coal Tits, Treecreepers, Goldcrest, are 6 lifers in the Old World. White-tailed Eagles singing for the first time this year and some lovely sunshine adds to the day.

Waxwings in sunshine

28:th of January 2011
After a raptor round resulting in 2 Common– and 3 Rough-legged Buzzards, we stumble upon a flock of 42 wonderful Waxwings in a garden with apples. A really good find, they are not around in any numbers this year.


28:th of January 2011
By the river bridge at Svanå a Black Woodpecker female is unusually obliging, feeding intensily without caring of us.

Black Woodpecker

28:th of January 2011
Isn´t this the role-model for the Disney cartoon woodpecker "Carracoan"?

Plenty of Bullfinches

28:th of January 2011
Plenty of Bullfinches - at least 20 - on the feeding station today. Together with some Redpolls, 40 Greenfinches, 30 Yellowhammers, etc. To the luck of visiting americans Lauren & Matthew Sarver.

Nutcrackers are doing well

28:th of January 2011
The Nutcrackers are doing well today. At least 6 showing off!

TV interview

27:th of January 2011
TV4 Mälardalen´s P.A Lenhov (regional TV) interviews me for the national winter garden bird count. Getting good film on 20 something Bullfinches as well.

Radio broadcast

27:th of January 2011
Radio P4 Västmanland´s (regional radio) Simon Olsson interviews me on the Hawfinch feeding station to talk about the Winter bird count "Vinterfåglar inpå Knuten" that is carried out in Scandinavia this weekend. Lot´s of birds meanwhile.

torsdag 27 januari 2011

Adult Golden Eagle

25:th of January 2011
Just south of Lake Hällsjön a big raptor draws my attention. Just like suspected it´s a Golden Eagle, an adult one. Seen more than usual of them this winter. I reverse to get a chance of coming closer and yes... it moves my way and comes right above me as I step out of the car. (Sorry the spots in the picture, they´re inside the camera)

Double´in Eagles

25:th of January 2011
I follow the adult Golden Eagle with the camera above me and as I shoot pictures, a 2.nd Eagle glides by in the frame. I get them both on one single shot, but that´s it. At the same time I see another silhouette above me in the corner of my eye. I realise not only one but three more Eagles are soaring together now. 1 adult Goldie, 2 adult and 1 juvenile White-tailed Eagles. Appologies for the dirt inside my camera. Great encounter!

Light returns

21:st of January 2011
Today it really feels like the light is returning. It´s precisely a month since the darkest day of the year. The light and view at the bog is beautiful in the afternoon. One of my favourite sites. Not far from the Capercaillie (below).

onsdag 26 januari 2011

Capercaille by the road

21:st of January 2011
On my round to refill feeders a couple of female Black Grouse get flushed from teh roadside, but on the way back a majestic creature dressed in black is standing not far on the forest floor. Actually allowing me to stop the car and take a few shots through the window before it flies off. It did it´s best to play invisible and hide behind a few twigs as you can see.

Hawfinch by Rebecca Nason

Rebecca Nason came by on a short visit and did relly well on some nice birds on our feeding stations. Hawfinch being one of them. See more of her excellent work on Rebecca´s own blog.

Bullfinch delight

...and some nice Bullfinch too.

onsdag 5 januari 2011

More Hawk Owl film

4:th of January 2011
Hawk still present offering great photage. Have a look at Lars Karlsson´s new film with some great flightshots!

lördag 1 januari 2011

Hawk Owl on film

1:st of January 2011
The Hawk Owl remains for the 3:rd day and was today seen hunting actively and catching some rodents. A good sign. It´s also using several different watchpoints in a small area. Grey-headed Woodpeckers on 2 feeding stations in the area yesterday.
Lars Karlsson got some nice film on the Hawk Owl.