lördag 10 oktober 2009

Angle Shades and Seals howling

9:th of October 2009
The night is clear, rather calm and not to bad for Owls, Bats and Moths. Subsequently we hail the mistnets, light the mercury lamp and goes freqent rounds in the garden. A Tawny Owl is spotted and a couple of Moths, including a quite good one - an Angle Shades Moth (Phlogophora meticulosa) - Tandfly in swedish. The night air sounds of a thrilling call – the song of Seals! I´ve never heard Seals have a song, but apparently they do and it´s a bit like Wolves howling(!)

Carma chameleont

9:th of October 2009
At closer look, it rather resembles a chameleont, doesnt´t it?

Barnacle migration

9:th of October 2009
A lovely, sunny day with descending westerlies, brought a wave of Barnacle Goose migration across southern Öland. Some 70.000 Geese were counted from the souther tip of the island and more passed north of us too. The miraion even kept on after dusk and the cackling sound of Arctic Geese was heard through the bedroom windows in late night too.

fredag 9 oktober 2009

Rough-legged catch

9:th of October 2009
Two Rough-legged Buzzards get caught in the raptor trap and are´t they impressive birds. Martin Blomberg holds the bird.

Watching Steppe Eagle

9:th of October 2009
On our way to the raptor trap a Steppe Eagle appears above Ottenby Lund. It´s a bit high up for pictures but at least here is the moment! It was seen over and over again through the day, even making a migration attempt over the straight.

Sabine´s Gull

9:th of October 2009
After a 6 hour drive we arrive Ottenby, Öland last night and this morning´s first good bird is a juvenile Sabine´s Gull at Ventlinge. A very obliging bird appearing close and feeding actively.

Finding Pectoral sand

8:th of October 2009
A hasty visit to look at a Black-tailed Godwit of the race islandicus, results in me finding a Pectoral Sandpiper on the same spot - a flooded cropfield at Hällby, Västerfärnebo in the Black River Valley. An American/ Siberian vagrant not often seen inland in Sweden. To far away for pictures with my little camera but just to show you the site and the habitat I give you a view.

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Rolling visit

5:th of October 2009
A Roller has been resident the last few days in the west of Västmanland. Interesting since one was seen in the north (Ångermanland) on the 9:th of September and another one on the south-tip of Norway on the 20:th. Together with a Pied Wheatear in Finland and a Woodchat Shrike in Närke, central Sweden last week, the birds indicate a bit of a southeasterly influx.

Rolling encounter

5:th of October 2009
Today my friend and photographer Göran Ljunggren got a close encounter with the Roller when it sat less than 10 meters from him. See more of his excellent work on his own website.

Crane migration

5:th of October 2009
Northwesterly winds and apparently good enough to make some of our last remaining Cranes migrate. I count about 180 Cranes in 5 flocks passing towards southwest above Lake Rörbo. I also start up the bird feeding season by putting out sunflower-seeds to the Hawfinches and in the forest plus finally in my garden. I don´t have to wait many minutes before Marsh tit and Nuthatch is busy collecting the seeds.

lördag 3 oktober 2009

Autumnal Moth

2:nd of October 2009
Today´s mission is cleaning the Tengmalm´s Owl nestboxes and lower some of them to a bit more comfortable working height. These Owls aren´t fuzzy about the height of the hole. Though this years breeding season didn´t produce any breeding in our 25 boxes, we find pellets from Mr Tengmalm in one of the boxes at least. A nice Carpet is spotted, could it be an Autumnal Moth (Epirrita autumnata)?

Ruddy basking

28:th of September 2009
A great fine day with clear blue skies and sunshine. It looks good for Crane and raptor migration so I head out to Asköviken, but only one flock of like 60 Common Cranes migrate south. Plenty of Black– and Ruddy Darters (Sympetrum sanguineum) though. A basking male of the latter species got caught by the camera.

The Guys

27:th of September 2009
Today´s forest walkers is a bunch of happy guys; Max, Simon and Jan-Olov. Eager to probe into the wild where Bears have been recently seen. We find a lot of Blueberries, see plenty of Crossbills, some Black Grouse and a male Capercaillie on our walk, but no Bears today.

The tomten

27:th of September 2009
It´s rare to meet an actual Tomte even in Swedish forests, but today we got lucky.

Moorland Hawkers still flying

27:th of September 2009
On several occasions during todays walk in the pineforest, we have seen dark, bluish Aeshnids without being able to identify them. In the afternoon we finally catch one along the dirt track and it is in fact a Moorland Hawker (Aeshna juncea). A late autumn flyer indeed. The Brown Hawkers are since long gone, but Migrant Hawkers are also still dashing about.

Moorland side

27:th of September 2009
From the side you can see the little, green comma between the lines of the abdomen. A good character for Moorland Hawker.