tisdag 29 mars 2011

Eagle bonanza at Fläcksjön

25:th of March 2011
The last Eagle-safari of the winter/spring season developes to a virtual Eagle Bonanza with eagles all over the place, showing extremely well and sometimess close too. This 1-year old bird sat surprisingly close for a long while, photograhped from the car window.

Braheholmen - the island to be

25:th of March 2011
We take a chance and walk on the ice to the tiny island Braheholmen of Fläcksjön. It proves to be the place to be. It doesn´t only provide shelter from the wind, sunshine and great views over the lake, soon 11 White-tailed Eagles have gathered on the ice in front of us by some fish left by fishermen.

Mighty bombers

25:th of March 2011
We are lucky to get the whole flock of 11 White-tailed Eagles flying in right above our heads. During a good part of our visit they soared above us, fooled around with each other in a superb performance. Often in pairs or small groups like these 3 immature birds. Excuse the poor quality, I will soon get a new camera.

Majestic they are

25:th of March 2011
Several birds flew really close right above us. This immature White-tailed Eagle is at least 2 years old (note the different length of the secondaries creating a very jagged back edge of the wing and still dark plumage.) but probably not older than 3 years.

Small steps of spring

24:th of March 2011
Spring is only taking small steps forward here. Snow and ice still dominates the scene, but today is a good day with sun and birds. A flock of 124 Whooper Swans is the biggest flock so far. No less than 7 White-tailed Eagles gather on the ice of Lake Fläcksjön at sundown. Perhaps attracted to a Red deer carcass. The deer was killed by wolves the other day but thet got disturbed and didn´t finish the meal.

Wolves howling at a full moon

19:th of March 2011
A great day´s birding in clear blue skies and lovely sun and good company. Finishing with an evening excursion for Owls where a quire of three Wolves is the obvious clue. Howling at the huge full moon rising at 19.20, not far and in very good acoustic conditions. Unexpected at this position even if it´s within the expected territory. Tawny–, Pygmy Owl and some Red foxes are alos heard. Brilliant!

onsdag 16 mars 2011

Lapwings finally arriving

15:th of March 2011
Last week saw some tiny fragments of spring, but still snow covering 90% of the ground here. Today a little more soil looks up between between the crust of snow. Common Buzzards are suddenly here and there and today the first Lapwings great me with their crests and upright sturdiness, defying the winter with their sole presence.

Sparrowhawk eating magpie alive

13:th of March 2011
Some kind of drama took place just outside our house in town today. An inferno of screaming magpies and Crows and a crowd of neighbours alerted me. There was a Sparrowhawk on the ground in the process of killing a magpie, but by eating it´s fillets out while it was still alive and kicking. As soon as the victim where silenced, it´s mates disappeared and left the hawk to it´s eating.

lördag 5 mars 2011

2 of a kind

3:rd of March 2011
It´s rare to see Black Woodpeckers on fat put out to birdfood. Here we had an individual 2 years ago that seemed keen, but last year I didn´t see any of him. Now Sibejays and 2 Black Woodpeckers (male and female) are attracted to the baskets with fat. This is the most distant one, hence the blur. But it get´s better. Keep scrolling!

Black Woodpeckers

3:rd of March 2011
Blackie coming closer, slowly and little by little approaching us and the fat.

Blackie closing in

3:rd of March 2011
The Black Woodpecker male especially was the probably the most tame individual I´ve ever come across. Or was he just hungry? Anyway he overcome the shy to get fed. And pleased the cameras in the process.

Siberian Jay showtime

3:rd of March 2011
Sibarian Jays are really showing off today. Appearing in some kind of courtship display I´ve never seen before. One (probably the male) jumping around the other on a branch, twisting from side to side in a show reminding of paradaise birds. Amazing. Did not get any good photage of that though.

Siberian Jay tail

3:rd of March 2011
Personally I love the colour of the tailfeathers best. Siberian Jay.

Great Grey Shrike

28:th of February 2011
Great Grey Shrike´s been around in decent numbers all winter. Most of the them quite difficult to approach. This one at least admitted some pictures taken from the car window.

Shrike in flight

28:th of February 2011
And amazingly one shot caught it in flight.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

Snow hare

27:th of February 2011
It´s not often I see winter-plumaged Mountain Hare in our area. Not since they are that uncommon, but very nocturnal and so white! This one shot dead by a local hunter less than a minute before the picture was taken. You can imagine how difficult it is for a Golden Eagle for instance to find this one in our snowy landscape.

The hunter with his prey

27:th of February 2011
The hunter Per-Anders Näslund by his prey.