torsdag 28 maj 2009

Chequered Blue

26:th of May 2009
Chequered Blue is a butterfly with a very restricted distribution in Sweden. In fact it is now only known from 2 sites (!). The more joyful is the fact that they seem to have a good year and responding very well to the management and conservation efforts made to help them survive. We see 10-15 specimen of Chequered Blues on this lovely mountain top in Södermland.

The Duke of Burgundy

26:th of May 2009
Duke of Burgundy Fritillary is a declining species in central Sweden. On today´s excursion it is the target species together with Chequered Blue. We get to see plenty of both and are also happy to receive the news that "the Duke" was refound yesterday on an old site on Ängsö, where it has not been seen in years.

onsdag 27 maj 2009

Adam & Eve

13:th of May 2009
This year´s first orchids in bloom are found on Ängsö, in swedish named Adam & Eve (latin Dactylorhiza Sambucina). They come in two forms, purple and yellow.

tisdag 26 maj 2009

Capers don´t lie

17:th of May 2009
Despite the late date this weekend´s group from Naturetrek got quite succesful with Capercaillies, as well as many other good birds. Phil Aylen got a nice collection of pictures that he put out on a gallery for us all to enjoy. Have a look here! and you´ll realise what a great weekend we had.

tisdag 5 maj 2009

More Blackcocks

4:th of May 2009
Erik Hägg spent a rainy night in the hide, but still got some really good shots in the soft light next morning. 2 Tengmalm´s Owls where singing around the bog at night.

Great Grey in flight

26:th of April 2009
Another of Nic´s excellent pics.

Black Grouse on the go

26:th of April 2009
The Black Grouse are still busy leking and the females have not yet even started to visit the leks. Nic Rassón got close to at least 5 males from one of our hides. More of his excellent work on his website!

Capercaillie lek

25:th of April 2009
Nic and Benedicte Rassón visit and get what probably is the last action of this year´s Capercaillie lek. See more of Nic´s pictures on his own website!

måndag 4 maj 2009

Great Greys are showing well

4:th of May 2009
Last week Great Grey Owls have been showing really well at the regular site again. Mainly early evenings. Erik Hägg took this picture just a few days ago during a really nice appearance.

Dozing Ural

24:th of April 2009
Ural Owls started really slow this spring, but at least some breeding grounds are taken and a couple of nestboxes have tested positive. This female dozes off a bit after being controlled by ringers.

Tengmalm´s do breed

24:th of April 2009
Despite the slow start of the breeding season for Owls, some seem to start breeding attempts after all. Today we encounter the first female Tengmalm´s Owls in a nest box. Its´been 2 years since we had one in our boxes, so we are more than grateful.

Woodpecker morning

24:th of April 2009
A superb morning for Woodpeckers gives us Black–, Grey-headed–, Lesser– and Great-spotted–, Green– and also Three-toed Woodpecker. Finally also the first Wryneck of the year. All in a calm and nice weather.

Grey-headed Wood

24:th of April 2009
A pair of Grey-headed Woodpeckers are really showing off today.

söndag 3 maj 2009

The Emperor strikes back

2:nd of May 2009
The first official Moth-night of the year delivers our target species nr 1: Just as we´re about to give up and take down the lamp, something big is called out at the canvas – The Emperor Moth! A big female! What a beauty! To add ambience to the moonlit, starry night, a Tengmalm´s Owl is singing from the near forest clearing.