torsdag 24 februari 2011

Black Wood

23:rd of February 2011
A female Black Woodpecker appears on the same place as several times previously this winter. A favourite feeding site in a dead tree by the river.

onsdag 23 februari 2011

Pygmy Owl in broad daylight

23:rd of February 2011
For the second time lately I encounter a Pygmy Owl on the same spot. But today in broad daylight.

Pygmy´s off

23:rd of February 2011
Soon it flies towards me...

Pygmy Owl in Aspen

23:rd of February 2011
.. and perches in an Aspen tree a bit closer.

måndag 21 februari 2011

Minus 24° C

20:th of February 2010
Sun rise over Lake FläcKsjön in –24° C(!) Probably the coldest day here this year. Later at least 3 White-tailed Eagles where seen on this spot. Among today´s birds also Rough-legged Buzzard, Great Grey Shrike, Hawfinch, 20 or so Bullfinch and more.

Nutcrackers doing well

20:th of February 2010
At least 4 Nutcrackers are busy at the feeding station in the cold today. Brilliant birds!

Odendisa revisited

20:th of February 2010
Andrew Harrop & his lovely wife Eleand enjoys the Odendisa runestone in Fläckebo.

Sundown in brilliant light

20:th of February 2010
The famous haybarns "the bride and the groom" by Lake Fläcksjön offer great pictures in these great light conditions just before sunset.

Pygmy Owl final

20:th of February 2010
The final bird of the day becomes a Pygmy Owl. Probably a female, since it gets attracted to my male call, but doesn´t utter more than a high-pitched heeep herself. She looks prett impressed though, doesn´t she?

tisdag 15 februari 2011

Greyheaded show

13:th of February 2011
2 Greyheaded Woodpeckers (male and female) are showing really well at the Siberian Jay site today. With a Pygmy Owl and at least 3 Siberian Jays.

Fresh Lynx prints

12:th of February 2011
One of the most quite days I´ve experienced in Färna Ekopark. Brilliant weather and good morning activity on 3-4 Three-toed Woodpeckers are today´s clues. Black Woodpecker seen briefly twice. A couple of Black Grouse. But the tracks from a Lynx made really recent – definitely within the last 12 hours is good. The first this winter.

Group in cold sunset

11:th of February 2011
In the evening a Black Grouse and a Grey-headed Woodpecker appear as we watch the sun set and feel the temperture drops down towards –10° C.

Eagle bonanza

11:th of February 2011
Nutcrackers are obliging today despite the blizzard and the Grey-headed Woodpecker show briefly to some of us. As the sun shines in the afternoon a virtual Eagle Bonanza appears by the lake Fläcksjön. We could identify 5-6 White-tailes and 2 juvenile Golden Eagles together around the fish carcasses on the ice. On a picture I capture 9 (!) Eagles, 2 of which we saw was not represented, so at least 11 Eagles where present.

Full steam on the feeders

10:th of February 2011
Despite hard weather with snow and wind we manage to see some good birds with this winter´s first british Naturetrek group. Great Grey Shrike, Rough-legged Buzzard, White-tailed Eagle and plenty of birds at the first feeding station. 21 Bullfinches, 10 Hawfinches and some Redpolls among a host of Yellowhammers and Greenfinches.

torsdag 3 februari 2011

Waxwings encore

2:nd of February 2011
The Waxwing flock we saw a couple of days ago is still present and seem to have increased. 94 birds counted today. Still plenty of apples to et for them so they should be able to stay a while.