måndag 27 september 2010

Wolfhowl in moonlight

18:th of September 2010
Tonight we find the wolves on a new site and we get to hear their amazing sound in the most terrific circumstances, no wind, stars and moonlight. Magical! All courtesy of skillful guiding by Marcus - the king of the forest!

Storytelling around the fire

18:th of September 2010
And a great cometogether with storytelling around the fire finishes the night.

fredag 17 september 2010

Brilliant Crane evening

16:th of September 2010
Today around 30 people enjoy one of the most brilliant Crane-evenings at Lake Fläcksjön I´ve experienced in recent years. At least 490 Cranes are counted and a majority of them pass really fine on the lakeside south of us in good light. They also land for night quarters in the lake right in front of us. Brilliant!

Close Cranes

16:th of September 2010
Some pass really close by.

Cranes on bogs

15:th of September 2010
Tonight I find out that some 300 Cranes are spending the night at one of the bogs on the forest. A wild, scenic habitat with a lot of ambience and acoustic quality. On the way there I flush 2 Capercaillie females, 1 male Black Grouse and on the way back a Long-eared Owl passes really close to my windshield on the car. The Cranes offer great views as they pass the ascending half moon.

tisdag 14 september 2010

Bluethroats netted

7:th of September 2010
One of at least 3 Bluethroats caught in the mist(nets) this early morning in the reeds of Lake Kvismaren.

Reed Warbler in mist

7:th of September 2010
Sedge and Reed Warbler (depicted) is also among the few birds we get in the nets this morning.

Cranes at Kvismaren

6:th of September 2010
Lake Kvismaren is offering a boost of birds with Hobbies, Marsh harriers, White-tailed Eagles, Peregrine and loads of Ducks, Geese and Cranes. This night 11.500 Cranes are counted by 2 teams. We get an impressive and explosive influx at sunset.

Arrival of Geese

4:th of September 2010
Hjälstaviken is even more impressing today with it´s thousands of Geese in the air. A cuple of thousand Tundra Bean Geese, as many Greylags, some 500 Barnacles and today we find no less than 32 Lesser Whitefronts. Yesterday there was one!
White-tailed Eagles are raiding them most of the time. At least 6 individuals seen.

Bluethroats on the path

3:rd of September 2010
Bluethroats are appearing everywhere along the track to Hjälstaviken today.

torsdag 2 september 2010

Clifden Nonpareil again

31.st of August 2010
Once again, one of the most gorgeous moths. Clifden nonpareil (Catocala fraxini) – Blåbandat ordensfly in swedish.

Clifden underwing

31.st of August 2010
Gorgeous underwing pattern. Clifden nonpareil (Catocala fraxini) – Blåbandat ordensfly in swedish.

Clifden face

31.st of August 2010
...and a gorgeous face. Clifden nonpareil (Catocala fraxini).

Grey Chi side

31:st of August 2010
The Grey Chi Moth (Antitype chi)– Vitgrått klippfly in swedish – looks cute from the side...

Grey Chi face

31:st of August 2010
...but what a monsterlike beast from the front! Grey Chi Moth (Antitype Chi).

First Vapourer

29:th of August 2010
On a mushroom-picking walk in the forest, a rufous Moth comes flying and before I know it lands right in front of me: A Vapourer! Unmistakable with it´s "sad eye" pattern on the back. An interesting species I´ve had on my mind for some time. The female is flightless and builds a cocoon where she lays her eggs on a soft bed of "anal wool". How about that?

Vapourer face

29:th of August 2010
And what a cute little fellow he is. (Note the feathered male antennae!)

onsdag 1 september 2010

Wolf in Frövisjön

23:rd of August 2010
Two birdwatchers got a real surprise today when they spotted a Wolf in the wetlands of Lake Frövisjön outside Skultuna. The Wolf stayed in view for as long as 30 minutes. The animal is a probable 1-year-old male wandering around, looking for a mate and a territory. There´s been a lot of observations in the Black River area this summer. Some livestock casualties as well. Photo: Ulf Broberg.

Wolf on the run

23:rd of August 2010
The wolf eventually ran across the road and disappeared. Photo: Ulf Broberg.

The Wolf

23:rd of August 2010
The wolf. Photo: Ulf Broberg.