söndag 21 augusti 2011

Azure Hawkers

Today I find a new site for Azure Hawker (Aeshna caerulea) in the Black River area. Characteristically perched flat on pine-trunks and being quite approachable, but also out hunting a bit. At least 5 individuals, all males seen well, several other Aeshnids on the site probably Azures as well. Moorland–, Blue– and Brown Hawkers flying in the area too.

Azure Hawker on rock

Here´s another male Azure Hawker (Aesna caerulea) basking on a rock. Note the brown, smokey tinge on the wings.

söndag 14 augusti 2011

Green Hawker bonanza

13:th of August 2011
I take a break from the raising of Peregrines, with a good days "Dragonflying". Aeshnids in a good reed habitat is in focus. David, Jerry and I find a good bunch of Green Hawkers (Aeshna viridis), several Moorland Hawkers (Aeshna juncea), Brown Hawkers, also plenty of Yellow-spotted Emeralds (Somatochlora flavomaculata) and lots of Darters too. Green Hawker male on the picture.

Male viridis closer

13:th of August 2011
It´s a stunning creature the male Green Hawker (Aeshna viridis). Clearly identifiable in flight as well with it´s briliant colours.

Female Green Hawker

13:th of August 2011
This female Green Hawker (Aeshna viridis) only had 3 wings but was still flying as if nothing.

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Pale Clouded Yellows

8:th of August 2011
The last weeks have seen a notable appearance of migrant Butterflies in the south and east of Sweden. On Öland I get excellent views 6-10 Pale Clouded Yellows (Colias hyale) in one single field of Lucern. Together with plenty of Admirals, Painted Ladies and other butterflies.

Hyale showing upper tip

8:th of August 2011
A straw between the wings make a bit of the diagnostic black edge on the forewing upperside show for once. Usually just visible in flight. Pale Clouded Yellow (Colias hyale)

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Two-barred Crossbills on the move

Two-barred Crossbills are moving south through Sweden. Birds have been seen on several sites in Västmanland lately. All in larch-trees. Have a look at these pictures of a stunning male!

fredag 5 augusti 2011

Peregrines arrive

Today the very first young Peregrines arrived to Västerås and our hacking cage on the top of the old water tower just outside town. We hope to lay the foundation for a new population of this stunning bird, that bred traditionally in the area til the 1950:ies. Two brothers and a sister was placed in the cage, at the age of 35 days, reared in captivity at Nordens Ark in the southwest of Sweden. Due to be realeased on wednesday next week. See more pictures and more about the project on our Peregrine facebook-group.

Knot Grass cat

2:st of August 2011
The season of caterpillars have started. Picked up a Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar on the road today and brought it to the relative safety of my garden. This furry, little beauty I found among my vegetables, think it´s a Knot Grass caterpillar (Acronicta rumicis) - Syreaftonfly in swedish.

Musk beetle

1:st of August 2011
An impressive, long-horned beetle lands in our garden today. Turns out to be a Musk Beetle (Aromia moschata) -Myskbock in swedish.

måndag 1 augusti 2011

Sweden´s first Lesser Purple

31:st of July 2011
Sweden´s first Lesser Purple Emperor (Apatura ilia)appeared was found in a garden outside Stockholm and shown to visitors by the very kind finder Petter Simonsson during Sunday afternoon. It was around 20 years ago Sweden got a new Butterfly species. Ilias is known to expand northwards on the Baltic side with several finds in Finland the last years.