torsdag 29 maj 2008

Yet another "Eye"

24:th of May
The two (male and female) Eyed Hawkmoths from yesterday remain on the same spot today, just sitting on the grass. The temperature is probably not high enough for them to fly. 
    We´ve had great weather lately, but cold nights and northerly winds don´t make the days really warm either.
    Today however, it´s warmer, and we get good Woodpeckers (Three-toed-, Black- and Grey-headed) and a bunch of nice butterflies on the same site. Among them northern Chequered Skipper and a beautiful, not to say immaculate Swallowtail. And we even find another Eyed Hawk Moth, perched on a single straw along the path. Incredibly beautiful creature. Once again Johan Ackermann from the excellent hotel Salbohedgården took the picture.

Eyed Hawkmoths on the hotel lawn

23:rd of May
The Wildwings-group are busy watching birds for the 2:nd day and are already done with stuff like Great Grey Owls, Pygmy Owl, Ural Owl, etc. when the landlord at the hotel Salbohedgården, Johan, happens to mention the "beautiful butterflies" he had seen on the day.
     His descprition of them puzzles me a bit, so he pulls out his camera and shows these pictures of 2 Eyed Hawkmoths!

torsdag 22 maj 2008

Redbreasted fly find

20:th of May
We head out to search for Frejya´s Fritillary, but without success. On a spontaneous stop at another potential site, the song of Redbreasted Flycatcher immediately reach our ears as we step out of the cars. Soon the bird is found in the canopies above us. It´s not in full summer plumage (like the bird on the picture) but probably a young male. Very cute bird with a nice voice.
See more of Hans Falklind´s eminent pictures att

fredag 16 maj 2008

Redfooted falcon

15:th of May
The last 4 days a female Redfooted Falcon has been resident around the wetland at the Skultuna sawmill. A quite nice little place with breeding Cranes and Beavers and a set of boardwalks and watchtowers. 
    Today it provided some really good views as the sun broke out for a midday hour or two. It hunted dragonflies together with at least 3 Hobbies that stroke the side of the watchtower at incredibly close distance. 
Göran Ljunggren got lucky and got some great pictures. See more of his excellent work at

Great Snipe lek in the valley

9:th of May
Leking Great Snipes on Nötmyran in the Black River Valley appears only on spring migration and the last few years we haven´t had many reports, so it is quite satisfying to have 3 birds singing in front of us as we stand on the floodplains on a beautiful spring night.
   The picture was taken on last years mountain-trip where they start to display earlier in the evening and provide much better photo-opportunities on the alpine slopes.

Capers en masse

4:th of May
This morning we spend in the forest and as we drive on small gravel tracks, Capercaillies appear a bit here and there. We even see 2 different males displaying with fully spread tails near the road. 
     Even more obliging are the females. Nic get pictures on at least 3 of them. It is just around the end of the leking season and it´s typical to see females down on the gravel roads, eating grit to stimulate the produce of good eggs with a hard shell. At least that´s my theory, correct me if I´m wrong. See more of Nic´s pictures on:

torsdag 8 maj 2008

Great Grey´s back

3:rd of May 2008
Belgian photographers Nic & Benedicte Rassón visit for the weekend and get lucky. On arrival the Great Grey Owl is perched on one of the fence poles just near the road. Nic gets a series of great pictures already in the car.
   After an hour or so the Owl takes it´s way to the forest and it starts raining so we head back to the B&B for a lovely dinner.
   Reports of the Owls are frequent again, but the appearance a bit less predictable than previously during the spring. Early afternoon and even late morning can also be a rewarding time to visit.
    See more of Nic Rassóns excellent photography on his own website.

Kentish Glory night of April 2008
A sunny, warm, but a bit windy day. The first of this year´s moth/butterfly excursions with the local "study-circle"/ course. 12 people show up and under the command of Hans Lindmark, one of the countie´s moth experts we set up a couple of mercury lamps in a forest clearing near Fläckebo. All in all 15 species of Moth are identified and photographed during the night. Brindled and Pine Beauty, Square spot, Chestnut, Northern and Clouded Drab, and Hebrew Character, to mention but a few.
   During a part of the night a Ural Owl is calling right near us. Impressing, dark and majestic as usual. A male Montague´s harrier was seen on the way up as well. Niclas Lignell took the picture. See more of his excellent work on his homepage