lördag 28 september 2019

Blue Hawker ovipositing

This Blue Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) showed an unusual interest for the newly logged pine trunks lying across the pond by the Goshawk feeding station. It even looked like it was ovipositing - or at least trying to - on the surface of the trunks. Is that normal?

tisdag 24 september 2019

Still Cranes in the valley

The september Crane evenings is in my mind always a potential great spectacle on my local patch. About 340 Cranes were counted last night as they flew in to roost in Lake Fläcksjön. A bit late but the relatively wet and mild autumn can make them linger for another week or two. Normally they peak before the 20:th of september with about 800-1.000 individuals before they start their journey south towards Spain and France.