onsdag 30 april 2014

Sandhill Crane in the Black River Valley

Yesterday I found a Sandhill Crane in the Back River Valley. It is the first time this bird has been seen in Sweden. I have been looking for it for years, since it appeared in Europe a few years ago, convinced that it should turn up on migration in our Crane-rich area....and of course... I proved right. So well deserved! Good job Daniel! Very few photos of any quality out yet, at least this is one! or better yet these ones! 

tisdag 8 april 2014

Goshawks linger

I didn´t expect the Goshawks to keep visiting the feeding station in April but yes, they do. Daniel Andersson saw 2 birds and got this picture on this last sunday afternoon session in our hide!

Great Greys showing occasionally

Great Grey Owls are still a bit difficult to see, but a pair have been showing, even mating in public and several others have been heard so we believe in a strong season for these enigmatic birds. Göran Ljunggren got this picture the other day. See more of his excellent work on www.trut.se