fredag 26 november 2010


26:th of November 2010
It´s cold (-10°) today, but a bit brighter, though not sunny. 2 Rough-legged Buzzards along the way and then a garden full of Waxwings is always a delight. Bull- and Goldfinches in the garden too and even a raiding Great Grey Shrike! Didn´t see it really well, but shurely a garden tick(!).

A cluster of Wax

26:th of November 2010
Waxwings clustring up in my appletrees.

A bunch of three

26:th of November 2010
Three of the perpetrators.


26:th of November 2010
Against the wind (and against the light).

torsdag 25 november 2010

Full winter

25:th of November 2010
Winter struck us for real last night. Now it´s not only snowy, but also cold. Nothing much, just a few degrees below zero, but still. Around 10 cm of snow on the ground looks quite nice.

fredag 12 november 2010

First Hawk Owl reported

10:th of November 2010
Yesterday the first Hawk Owl for the season was reported near Västerfärnebo. Hope to track it down during the weekend.

First snow and lots of Moose

10:th of November 2010
The last 24 hours we got some 20 cm of snow. The first for the season. On my way up to the valley, 4 Moose bulls appeared on a field by the road. This is one of them. On my way home I saw another 2.

Rough-legged Buzzard

10:th of November 2010
Two Rough-legged Buzzards on the same spot just outside Salbohed today. This one is an older individual with a lot of dark feathers on the underwing.

lördag 6 november 2010

Pine Grosbeaks on the move

6:th of November 2010
Today Pine Grosbeaks were reported from 8 countys in northern and central Sweden. Only low numbers but still a noticable influx. 3 observations were made in Svartådalen and 2 birds even on my feeding station at Skillberg. We haven´t had a real Pine Grosbeak invasion since 2004 in central Sweden. The lack of berries this year might force them southwards but will they appear in numbers? and what will they eat? Picture by Stefan Oscarsson. See more of his excellent pictures on his own website!

Waxwings in my garden

5:th of November 2010
Nice to see some Waxwings in my garden today.

Waxwings on apples

5:th of November 2010
At least 15 Waxwings fed on my appletrees most of the day. Some Bullfinches with trumpeting calls as well. Caucasian?