onsdag 28 september 2011

Cranes on bogs

Lately the bogs and myres in the Black River forest has been hosting the Cranes at night. A wild habitat where Wolves can be seen and heard. Here the first flock comes in. Picture by Mike Hilditch.

Cranes in sun

These Cranes flew in to the bog as the sun still shone. Beautiful. Picture by Mike Hilditch.

Cranes against sunset

Picture by Mike Hilditch. See more of his excellent work on his own website!

tisdag 27 september 2011

Dead Pygmy Owl

24:th of September 2011
A Pygmy Owl found dead in a garden near town (after window collision) indicates there might be a movement of Owls this autumn. There should be! After this breeding season. Tengmalm´s Owls have started to appear in the south too.

And with spread wing

24:th of September 2011
Can´t see any sign of moult or different age feathers. Indicates a juv bird.

måndag 19 september 2011

Studying ringing

14:th of September 2011
Today we pay a little study visit to the ringing activity at the Kvismare Bird Observatory. A Spotted Flycatcher and this Tree Pipit was some of few birds caught in the still relatively strong wind. A Black Woodpecker flying by was a nice surprise though. Craig Brookes guided us.

Cranes, cranes, cranes

13:th of September 2011
Just a tiny fragment of all the Cranes that flew in to the roost this night. And this night the influx was impressive even without a good sunset.


13:th of September 2011
Just a tiny fragment of all the Taiga Bean Geese that where seen every now and then, often flushed by Eagles.

White-tailed Eagles all over

13:th of September 2011
White-tailed Eagle is the ever present raptor in the valley (together with Marsh Harrier). Over and over they flush huge flocks of Taiga Bean Geese. This juvenile bird came pretty close to us in the Rysjön watchtower.

Fields of Cranes

12:th of September 2011
It´s always impressive to arrive the Kvismare valley to see all the Cranes filling the fields. Some closer than others. This night some 12.000 Cranes where counted on the site. This family was just by the road.

The running Crane

12:th of September 2011
This juv Crane finally couldn´t stand our presence.

Pygmy Owl at dawn

12:th of September 2011
We defy rain and set out at the break of dawn to see Pygmy Owl. In fact 2 individuals appear at the same time, one seen, one heard whistling a bit further away. The little nob in the tree is in fact the Owl!

Slender-billed Nutcrackers

11:th of September 2011
Today´s surprise is the find of 2 Slender-billed Nutcrackers in the outskirts of Skinnskatteberg. Fooling around in a suburban villa garden area. We found them by chance when we had stopped to look for divers on the lake Nedre Vättern.

Nuttie eating nuts

11:th of September 2011
These 2 Nutcrackers had a go on both Cembra Pine cones and Hazelnuts.

söndag 18 september 2011

Crane evening

10:th of September 2011
A first of several Crane evenings by Lake Fläcksjön is enjoyed.

Comma still flying

10:th of September 2011
It´s getting late for butterflies on this latitude but today a Comma is found by a south-facing forest track.

Great Grey Shrike

10:th of September 2011
A Great Grey Shrike (and lately even 2) have been resident for a couple of weeks in the Black River area, many times perched on the very same stick.

Migrating Lesser Whitefronts

16:th of September 2011
This is the flock of 25 Lesser White-fronted Geese that left Hjälstaviken westwards in a pure flock. 1 is outside the picture. Note the very short necks and tiny appearance.

lördag 17 september 2011

Leeser White-front record

16:th of September 2011
We are impressed by the presence of no less than 71 Lesser White-fronted Geese today. It´s as far as I know a new record for the season and perhaps in total. A good 20 or more are juveniles so it´s a pretty and optimistic picture of the species´ comeback in Sweden that´s painted here. A few of them can be seen in the picture. Later a flock of 20 took height and flew west, perhaps continuing their migration.

måndag 5 september 2011

Hazelhen surprise

31:st of August 2011
A Hazelgrouse male steps out on the path in front of us. A real bonus, since these birds are not always easy to see.

Nutcracker season on

31:st of August 2011
For the first time this season several Nutcrackers are attending the feeding station. A bit shy though but still. Great birds. In company with Crested- and Willow tits and Red Squirrels too.

Black Woodpecker showoff

30:th of August 2011
The Black Woodpeckers have a real showoff today. A male Grey-headed Woodpecker also appears. Great stuff!