torsdag 25 februari 2010

Naturetrek group in snowstorm

21:st of February 2010
The 3:rd wintergroup from Naturetrek is really struggling with the weather, but birds are good anyway. We flush 2 Hazel grouse that just emerge from their nightquarters under the snow as we get too close. Eventually Siberian Jays, Grey-headed Woodpeckers and Crested tits turn up in front of our cameras. But –17° C and wind is really hard biridning conditions. Thank´s for putting up with it!
See several good pictures from this trip on Ann Miles´s blog, and Robert Caves flicker gallery!

måndag 22 februari 2010

Two-barred Crossbill

20:th of February 2010
Despite – or thanks to – the severe weather (blizzard), the garden birdlife in Fagersta seem to be just excellent today. 30 or more Bullfinches, at least 12 Hawfinches, Redpolls, Siskin, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, etc. Above all – The stunning male Two-barred Crossbill is finally showing well after 3 attempts in vain. What a bird!

Lingering Waxwings

19:th of February 2010
A good morning with close encounters of a male Three-toed Woodpecker and Parrot Crossbills despite a lot of wind and cold.
A flock of around 75 Waxwings is the afternoon highlight and once again I recommend Anne Miles´ blog for the better pictures, but at least I got one decent one.

Hawkie and close Sea Eagle

18:th of February 2010
Not the best weather but this week´s Naturetrek-group get the Hawk Owl and some of us close encounters with an adult White-tailed Eagle. Have a look at the pictures on Ann Miles´ blogg!
Some Waxwings, a Great Grey Shrike and a Snow Bunting are also seen today.

Obliging Nutcrackers

17:th of February 2010
Swedish photographer Jörgen Lindqvist and his brother visit for a succesful 2 day photosession with the Nutcrackers. See more excellent pictures on Jörgen´s website.

Belgians on skies

16:th of February 2010
Nic and Benedicte Rasson on skies after a session in the Eaglehide.

Golden visit

16:th of February 2010
The juvenile Golden Eagle by Nic Rasson. See more of his excellent work on his own website.

torsdag 18 februari 2010

Crossbill action

16:th of Februari 2010
Meet some Crossbills (Common I think) feeding on the road. They actually lay their heads to the side as they crunch on something (grit?, salt?) from the road surface.

onsdag 17 februari 2010

Watching Hawk Owl

14:th of February 2010
The second time we try to see the Hawk Owl at Burunge with this Naturetrek-group. And today it´s not only present, it´s obliging and the light is excellent in the afternoon sun. What more could we ask for.

Distant Hawk Owl

14:th of February 2010
Even distant it´s an unmistakable bird.

Hawk Owl closer

14:th of February 2010
...and a bit closer.

Blasting Hawk Owl

14:th of February 2010
For a photographer, it´s just to take your chances and blast away. Sandra Coates and Simon Spavin in action.

Six Sibejays

14:th of February 2010
Another great day with snow, sunshine and cold. Add to that great birds like Grey-headed Woodpeckers and Siberian Jays. For the first time this winter we see as many as six of them.

måndag 15 februari 2010

Ural Owl traffic-killed

11:th of February 2010
The Hawk Owl is missing today, probably due to a very present Goshawk and a couple of White-tailed Eagles. But along the E4 highway north of Uppsala, we find a traffic-killed Ural Owl. A beautiful and impressive bird. (hold by Andrew Kingston)

onsdag 10 februari 2010

Brilliant morning in –18° C

7:th of February 2010
The morning is absolutely brilliant with –18° C on the coldest spot along the road. But are we happy or what? This is the first of the visiting winter groups from British tour operator Naturetrek. Cheers guys!

Snow magic

7:th of February 2010
What the sun do to the snow and frost-covered trees is just magic.

Basking sibejay

7:th of February 2010
The Siberian Jays are happy to relax in the rising sun for some basking.

Just a perfect day

7:th of February 2010
It is just a perfect day for a barbeque in the forest.

Rough-legged Buzzard

6:th of February 2010
The morning starts with much better views of yesterdays Rough-legged Buzzard just outside Fläckebo. First a bit distant...

closer buzzard

6:th of February 2010
And a little closer... (sorry the blur, I just don´t have better equipment)

Waxwings closing the day

6:th of February 2010
The last birds observed today are Waxwings. The picture is from a previous day but on the same site - in Fagersta.


6:th of February 2010
In kneedeep snow we first cross the tracks of a Pine Marten, then the footprints of Capercaillies, all of a sudden we flush 2 Capercaillies and then we find a snow cave where they have spent the night and left a visit card.

Woodpecker search

6:th o February 2010
Today we try to to find Three-toed Woodpeckers for the first time this year. The snow is deep but the Wodpeckers are obliging.

Great Woodpecker encounter

6:th of February 2010
Soon a pair of Three-toed Woodpeckers appear. The male is quite a performer.

Eagles on fish

3:rd of February 2010
When I come up to the lake to fill up the eagle feeding station with fish, two adult White-tailed Eagles are sitting and eating on the fish. I get 2 pictures before they rise into the air. They do however stay around to check out my actions. One of them is especially curious and hangs in the wind not far from me. Finally the couple lands in a tree and watch me from there.
The even more interesting thing happens when I am about to leave. A third eagle appears and it is a Golden Eagle(!), an adult bird. I lay down and play dead next to the fish carcasses to see what will happen. It just glides towards me slowly in the wind for minutes til it is like only 30 meters away. An almost religious encounter.

Eagles off

3:rd of February 2010
..and off they go...

onsdag 3 februari 2010

Fieldfares in town

30:th of January 2010
A nice saturday walk to the harbour this cold and sunny day offers 1 Redwing, some 150 Waxwings, 100 Fieldfares and a Little Grebe in the tiny bit of open water. No Kingfisher though. Blackbirds and Fieldfares are sitting in almost any tree in town, just like this one outside a café.

Tall and snowy

24:th of January 2010
This is how great it looks in the forest today. Such a brilliant day.

Berries, Lynx and Pine Marten

25:th of January 2010
There are still a lot of Rowan berries on the trees and below this tree I find footprints of a Pine Marten, apparently it has been attracted to the berries on the snow. At the same spot a Hazelgrouse male calls and the first Woodpecker drumming for the year is heard. Just a "Great-spot" but still. In the lovely sunshine it´s a sign of spring. A few yards away there are even prints and markings of a Lynx.

Nutties charm

24:th of January 2010
Nutcrackers are such brilliant birds. Cortesy of Glyn Sellors.

Moose on the run

26:th of January 2010
3 Moose appears in the snow across a field and I just manage to pull aside and fire a few shots. Soon after they disappear into the forest. Seem to be plenty around this winter.