lördag 16 augusti 2014

Camberwell season

The best season for Camberwell Beauties (Nymphalis antiopa) have just started up here in the Swedish forest and fresh specimen of this large and striking butterfly is flying along forest tracks and in clearings. Every now and then they turn up in my garden as well to feed on rotting fruit among Red Admirals and Commas. This one even landed on the handle to my rucksack for a while.

tisdag 13 maj 2014

Richard´s or Blyth´s?...Pipit

This pipit has been seen at Sandemar outside Stockholm the last 3 days. Richard´s or Blyth´s is the question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-wM5W7z-pc&feature=youtu.be

fredag 2 maj 2014

Sandhill Crane remains

The Sandhill Crane remains in the Black River Valley and was seen on the morning of the 2:nd May again, just south of Västerfärnebo. It stays on the fields along the road towards Skultuna and especially a flooded field west of the wooden church which is also a good place to park, as well as a good viewpoint. Picture by Mikael Bergman.

onsdag 30 april 2014

Sandhill Crane in the Black River Valley

Yesterday I found a Sandhill Crane in the Back River Valley. It is the first time this bird has been seen in Sweden. I have been looking for it for years, since it appeared in Europe a few years ago, convinced that it should turn up on migration in our Crane-rich area....and of course... I proved right. So well deserved! Good job Daniel! Very few photos of any quality out yet, at least this is one! or better yet these ones! 

tisdag 8 april 2014

Goshawks linger

I didn´t expect the Goshawks to keep visiting the feeding station in April but yes, they do. Daniel Andersson saw 2 birds and got this picture on this last sunday afternoon session in our hide!

Great Greys showing occasionally

Great Grey Owls are still a bit difficult to see, but a pair have been showing, even mating in public and several others have been heard so we believe in a strong season for these enigmatic birds. Göran Ljunggren got this picture the other day. See more of his excellent work on www.trut.se

torsdag 27 mars 2014

Lynx on Goshawk

A Northern Lynx has been visiting the Birdsafarisweden Goshawk feeding station in the Black River Valley, central Sweden 4 times this week. Filmed by auto-cam. March 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvUdzVvIbPI&feature=youtu.be

onsdag 26 mars 2014

Caspian Plover - a first for Sweden

Yesterday a Caspian Plover (Charadrius asiaticus) was found on Mörkö, Södermanland (roughly 60 km south of Stockholm). The bird was present throughout today as well feeding actively in the same field allowing views down to 25-30 meters. This is the first record in Sweden and only the day before yesterday one (same?) bird was seen in Finland. This Asian bird is very rare in Europe and one bird was also seen in Holland in january this year.

torsdag 6 mars 2014

Hawk Owls linger

Even if spring have arrived to these latitudes, Northern Hawk owls - normally a winter visitor - seem to linger in the area. One bird was reported today. This one I photographed last week.

onsdag 8 januari 2014

Goshawk premiere

On the premiere of the new hide for Goshawk photography, this beautiful adult bird came to feed in front of the hide for a good while. Erik Berg and Daniel Andersson got lucky.