torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Mowing for Fritillaries

16:th of August 2009
Today a good bunch of people from Ramnäs/ Virsbo Naturklubb gather to mowe hay by scythe, the old-fashioned way. The purpose is management for Marsh and False Heath Fritillaries, that breed on this site.
We see plenty of spawning caterpillars from Marsh Fritillaries but the imagos fly in June, so they´ve already had their season.
However a lot of Painted Ladies, Commas, Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshell still fly. I also see High Brown Fritillary, Arran Brown and Scarce Copper - which is a bit late.

lördag 15 augusti 2009


15:th of August 2009
Herald Moth (Scoliopteryx libatrix) is a nice find in my garden.

Clouded Yellow

14:th of August 2009
An influx of Clouded Yellow Butterflies (Colias croceus) has reached Sweden. A pea-field outside Flen saw a surprising hatch last week, with 50+ butterflies of this rare species so far north.
The fact that some collectors actually caught and killed more than 30 (!)of them the first day has braught lot of controversy. Now only a few specimen seem to remain.