fredag 26 oktober 2012

More Hawk Owls

The last couple of weeks a Hoopoe has been present in the village Ramsberg. Today there´s a Hawk Owl on the same site. Have a look at a picture here!

måndag 22 oktober 2012

Three Hawk Owls in Västmanland today

No less than 3 different Hawk Owls where reported in Västmanland today. It looks like we´re in for a really good Hawkie season. This one was portrayed on the 27:th of April this spring but might be one of the birds still around the area.

Northern Carmine Bee-eater on tour

Northern Carmine Bee-eaters have been touring central Sweden for a while now. 3 where found on the of October, disappeared after a couple of days and on the 2 turned up on the coast outside Stockholm in a garden/ villa area. Apparently they found a wasp´s nest or beehive and have been busy catching and feeding on these little creatures despite cold and damp weather. Regardless of their origin (escapees or not) the colour they present is a little marvel in this drab, dull, grey, rainy part of the year. My friend Erik Hansson got the better picture. Enjoy!

söndag 14 oktober 2012

Hawk Owls in Västmanland

The last 2 days Hawk Owls have been found on at least two different spots in Västmanland. This might be a really good season coming up for these lovely birds. Enjoy a few pictures here!

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Tengmalm´s on the move

Tengmalm´s Owls seem to be on the move along the southern costs of Sweden this autumn. Ottenby and other bird observatories are ringing quite a few. Check out some of Max Green´s great pictures from last week.

onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Hawk Owls around

Hawk owls keep popping up in Västmanland these last few weeks, yesterday and today as well. We might look forward to a very interesting autumn/ winter. This one was photographed this spring outside Västerås though.