onsdag 29 april 2020

Northern Lynx sightings

There seem to be several Northern Lynx in the Black River area right now. Local nature conservation authorities report from camera traps of one or possibly two different females with cubs. I got lucky to see a single adult male on this passed saturday 25:th of April, slowly walking in front of my car as I drove a quiet forest track. Unfortunately it disappeared behind a bend before I got my camera out. Since I was guiding I focused to make the clients see it, which they didn´t. They could have - because it was just in front of their vehicle, but they focused on a bird in a tree top at that (crucial) moment...This picture of a presumed male, was taken on the 22:nd April by Håkan Olsson from his photo-hide for Capercaillie at the same site as Birdsafarisweden operates a few miles away. There´s also another adult male with a transmitter necklace moving in the area.

tisdag 21 april 2020

Capercaillie high season

The leking season of Capercaillies are in full swing now. After a cold period with northerly winds the last few days have been more calm and slightly warmer. And that gives effect on the leking Grouse. Ulf Jonfelt (www.jonfelt.se) got these pictures from one of our hide this very morning.