torsdag 8 maj 2008

Kentish Glory night of April 2008
A sunny, warm, but a bit windy day. The first of this year´s moth/butterfly excursions with the local "study-circle"/ course. 12 people show up and under the command of Hans Lindmark, one of the countie´s moth experts we set up a couple of mercury lamps in a forest clearing near Fläckebo. All in all 15 species of Moth are identified and photographed during the night. Brindled and Pine Beauty, Square spot, Chestnut, Northern and Clouded Drab, and Hebrew Character, to mention but a few.
   During a part of the night a Ural Owl is calling right near us. Impressing, dark and majestic as usual. A male Montague´s harrier was seen on the way up as well. Niclas Lignell took the picture. See more of his excellent work on his homepage

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