torsdag 29 maj 2008

Yet another "Eye"

24:th of May
The two (male and female) Eyed Hawkmoths from yesterday remain on the same spot today, just sitting on the grass. The temperature is probably not high enough for them to fly. 
    We´ve had great weather lately, but cold nights and northerly winds don´t make the days really warm either.
    Today however, it´s warmer, and we get good Woodpeckers (Three-toed-, Black- and Grey-headed) and a bunch of nice butterflies on the same site. Among them northern Chequered Skipper and a beautiful, not to say immaculate Swallowtail. And we even find another Eyed Hawk Moth, perched on a single straw along the path. Incredibly beautiful creature. Once again Johan Ackermann from the excellent hotel Salbohedgården took the picture.

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