torsdag 9 april 2009

Great Grey comeback

4:th of April 2009
The Great Grey Owls have been abscent from the local breeding site since last years breeding season. (When they succesfully reared 1 chick) Lot´s of southbound movement on Great Greys during the winter and a very late spring made us worry and wait, worry and wait. Normally they start singing in late February, but this year it was silent.. until... just a few days ago.
Needless to say it is with some relief that we watch the pair back "on campus", hunting, calling and interacting. The pair even sits on the same branch in a birch tree for a while, rubbing against each other. Cute and great!

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Uttan sa...

Hej på DEJ!!!!

Or maby I have to Wrighte Hello!

Kul att jag hittade Din Blogg visste faktiskt inte att Du hade en.
Det finns några bilder på fåglar hos mej också men Du får bläddra bland mina inlägg om Du vill hitta dem.
Have a Nice Day!
Hug Anette.