tisdag 9 september 2008

Lesser Spotted Eagle

30:th of August
Another, even better day for Raptor migration at Falsterbo. An Aquila-Eagle becomes the bird.. and the debate of the day. Initially called out as a Steppe Eagle when passing the canal, but reidentified as a Lesser Spotted Eagle when soaring at the heath – "Ljungen" a bit further south. Have a look at Jens B Bruun´s picture and you can easily understand why:
Several Pallid Harriers are called out during the day, as well as another potential Back Kite. I saw them but they all passed really high above. A juv and an adult female Montague´s Harrier hunts over the heath later in the afternoon and certainly do look much bigger-winged and buoyant flying.
Anyway, Falsterbo is a great place to be this time of the year.

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