fredag 5 december 2008

White-tailed Eagles

5:th of December 2008
As I drive up the valley today I just happen to glance up in into the sky on my left side as I drive and there flies an adult White-tailed Eagle along the road, sort of just beside the car. It keeps on flying and I keep on driving and after a while an immature bird - not from this year´s clutch though - teams up and they start to soar together above me.
I stop and get a few pictures - again - despite my little digi camera. On the picture you can see why this bird is older than a year: it´s secondaries are of different length, which indicates that it has already moulted some of the feathers. First year birds don´t do that, so this must be 2:nd calender year or older. Maybe any of you experts out there could tell exactly how old it is?
The white armpits indicates it´s not older than 3:rd calender year, rather 2:nd in fact.

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