onsdag 18 november 2009

First flock of Waxwings

17:th of November 2009
We´re in a dull, dark, wet period of the year and we can only wait for the real winter to come. Last week we had a little snowfall but it only stayed on the ground for a day. Some good winter birds are starting to appear though. My feeding station has got Hawfinches and Nutcrackers on a daily basis now. Today a saw the first flock of Waxwings, 30 of them flew over my garden in Fläckebo with their typical, ringing sound. A lovely taste of what´s to come, because this year there´s plenty of Rowan-berries, meaning there might be a lot of Waxwings this winter, hopefully also Pine Grosbeak. It´s now been 5 years since the last invasion.

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