tisdag 23 mars 2010

Siberian Jays in Ammarnäs

23:rd of March 2010
A lovely spring-winter´s day out in the snow on ski-doos in this gorgeous part of the world called Ammarnäs, in Swedish Lapland. 4 Siberian Jays appear down to a meter away, feeding on the sausages we give them. 1 Hazelgrouse seen along the road.

2 kommentarer:

Ann Miles sa...

Great picture of the Siberian Jay. Here in East England, we have had some warmer weather with Brimstone and Comma butterflies on the wing and an Emperor Moth has hatched from the pot where it spent the winter - see my blog pictures - great to have lepidoptera to photograph again.

Daniel sa...

Great stuff, Ann! And nice to hear from you again. I am counting the days til the butterflies start to fly here. Still a lot of snow though. Cheers/Daniel