tisdag 7 december 2010

Grosbeaks on the feeding station

7:th of December 2010
Another cold, brilliant day, with –10° C and sunshine on frost and snow. On the feeding station for Nutcrackers there is full show, but all of a sudden I react on a call I haven´t heard for long now. A fluting, melodic, almost joddeling call. My instinct leads my thoughts straight towards... can it be? Yes it is! Pine Grosbeaks! A bunch of around 10 birds appear and perch in the treetops around the clearing. Wow! What a great feeling. These really northern birds don´t come down every year and this is possibly looking to be the best year since 2004. Another flock was seen two days ago in the area. There where males, females and youngs in this flock but only the young ones got caught on picture.

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