fredag 1 juli 2011

Marsh Carpet

30:th of June 2011
Last night produced excellent conditions for attracting Moths to my mercury lamp and canvas. + 20° c and a light overcast. Elephant Hawk Moths where all over my Jasmine bushes and after only 15 minutes a real rarity - a Marsh Carpet (Perizoma sagittata) – Piltecknad fältmätare in swedish – sat on the deck. I got 2 pictures and went away to do an ID-check in some books. When I got back it was gone. Then it started to rain so I had to abort the session. Marsh Carpet is known to be rare and hard to find since it´s not very attracted by light. I had the theory it would fly in the Black River area for some years so it feels good for several reasons. Handsome creature too.

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