tisdag 11 oktober 2016

Lynx with 3 kittens!!!

Oh, my god what a lucky guy I am today. On my way home from Fläckebo a couple of animals puzzled me on long distance. Were they Boar? Hares? Foxes? I couldn´t get my head around what I saw first, when I started to suspect Lynx. And Yes! when I got closer I could see an adult (female) with  3 little ones, in slightly different sizes. The female disappeared instantly, the kittens slower, but one - the smallest I think - lingered on the gravel track leading into the forest. Luckily the camera was just beside me and I managed to get some shots although it was dusky. I used 2.500 iso. The first blurry shot is through the windshield, the others through the side window opening. They are all totally uncropped. The baby Lynx appeared a bit curious, looking a bit at me before it turned and followed his mother and brothers into the forest. I stayed to look for them but they vanished totally in the vegetation.

2 kommentarer:

Gebbe sa...

Fantastiskt Daniel. Jag var uppe i "ditt" område häromdagen - spanade efter lappugglor och vargar mellan Slagårda och Bovallen utan resultat dock. Men spänningen finns alltid nära i det omraådet! Tack för förmedlingen av din fantastiska upplevelse! / Gebbe Björkman

Calin Hodor sa...

Great Daniel, congratulations!