söndag 3 november 2019

Pine Grosbeaks like never before

There´s a major influx of Pine Grosbeaks (Pinicola enucleator) in the south and central parts of Sweden right now. They turn up in the countryside, villages and towns, anywhere with fruiting trees. It is not only unusually early but it also extends much further south than normally. I was lucky to encounter a group of 7 of these lovely birds when stocking up my Hawfinch garden feeding station by the Black River the other day. I heard the fluty calls and located them to a stand of rowan trees dangling with berries. Although they are often quite tame, they have a tendency to sit in the densest part and u need to use manual focus. There was only one adult male among these birds. Right now theres´an abundance of berries that gives hope the birds tay around for some time. We know buy experience that it´s hard to predict and they often vanish later in winter. Of course Waxwings and thushes do their best to help finishing the food as well. Anyway we hope to see much more of these nomads from the vast taigas this winter.

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