onsdag 30 juli 2008

Moth night by the bog

29:th of July
We set out to try moth-watching by a high bog surrounded by vast pine and spruce forests. No wind, no moon, but clear skies. After a slow start our expectations are overtrumphed, and it proves to be a really good night. We identify no less than 58 species on 4 sheets, some of which are beautiful and some rare.
This night´s rarities does not even have English names; Setema cereola and Cosmotriche lobulina. Both northern species on their southern limit.
Some that have include True Lover´s Knot, Dark Arches, Bordered Beauty, Scalloped Oak, Orange Swift, Rannoch Looper , Cousin German, Pale Eggar and July Highflyer, to mention but a few.
Northern Spinach, Black Arches are among the most common ones. Garden Tigers, Large Emeralds and Pine-tree Lappets are the biggest.
As you can see the sheets where pretty full sometimes.

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