fredag 25 juli 2008

Tigers and Great Grey

21:st of July 2008
We set out for a night´s moth-watching in perfect circumstances. After a day with some showers, the night becomes calm, slightly cloudy and warm. Behind the curtain of clouds a full moon is showing briefly. We haven´t more than put up the mercury lamps and white sheats, when a Great Grey Owl flies towards us and perches in a birch right next to the lamp. It allows us to approach down to 3 meters and yet still it does not move more than it´s head, gazing curiously down on us.
Across the meadow we can hear a Great Grey Owl chick begging for food. Might supper be of moths tonight?
Time flies and at 3 ´0 clock in the night we realise that we´ve just experienced a great night with plenty of good stuff on the canvas, including at least 7 gorgeous Garden Tigers, 3 Black Arches, several Large Emeralds, 2 Popplar Hawk Moths, 1 Pine Hawk Moth, and all together at least 49 species of Moth. Very exciting!

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