söndag 23 november 2008

Winter by the bog

21:st of November 2008
A touch of snow on the ground and sunny weather. A round to the feeders is rewarding with 3 Hawfinches, Nutcrackers and all the forest-tits. I start up the feeding station by the bog Höskovsmossen for the season. It´s always a great and wild place to visit, with such a great view and so many good Bird and Moth memories.
As I fiddle with the birdfood, the sun bursts out through a cloud and it is probably the last I will see of it this day. It casts a smooth winter light over the scene and as I stand there taking pictures of the view, a flock of 14 male Black Grouse comes flying in above me, landing in som Pine trees a few yards away. Nice birds!
By the way... a juv White-tailed Eagle sat in a tree just by the road on the way up. As I drove closer, I saw the cause of it´s presence: a roadkilled Roe Deer lying in the ditch.

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