lördag 1 november 2008

Wolf howling night

29:th of October 2008
The Scandinavian Wolf population is slowly increasing and recent good news include an immigrated male from the east (Finland probably) who have bred succesfully with a swedish female wolf in the south part of Lapland.
This is the first time that the Swedish/ Norwegian Wolftribes have received some new blood to their worryingly small DNA-base. They´re all (ca 150 animals) in fact descending from the same single pair of ancestors (!)
Even the 2 resident local pairs got puppies this year, so a night out in the wolf territories of Bergslagen shure seems like an exciting event.
We set off a group of 8 people and start with a good barbeque on some local hot sausages and vegetarian baguettes. After that we cruise the forest-tracks, stopping to howl and listen for answers every 5-10 minutes or so.
Unfortunately no Wolves where heard this time, but we shure had a good time together. Have a look at the oficial wolf-howling trips provided by Marcus Jonsson at Kolarbyn this winter!

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Howl Night is a program held at the Wolf Mountain Nature Center on selected Saturday evening's at 7:30 PM throughout the year from May until December. This particular event on October 15 will be in conjunction with this year’s Wolf Awareness Week at the Nature Center. The program involves a lecture about wolves in general, but we focus on their vocalizations and specifically why wolves howl! You'll be thrilled when we let out a howl, and the wolves howl in return.

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