söndag 20 december 2009

Buzzards and "Sibiricus" Shrikes

20:th of December 2009
For the 2:nd time this week I see Common Buzzard feeding on fat I´ve ut out for Woodpeckers and passerines. This time in my garden in Fläckebo. This means there must be little to eat for them. However the 2 Short-eared Owls at lake Gnien were seen catching voles yesterday and there´s plenty of rodent tracks in the snow in the forest today. Hawk Owl still present in Upland too. A "vole forecast" published the other day predicts an upswing in swedish vole populations for 2010.
Another interesting thing is that Finland and Sweden have seen an influx of Sibiricus-type Great Grey Shrikes lately. So look out for shrikes with a brown tinge to breast and even upperparts. A small white handpatch, barred underparts and a small-headed impression also seem to be common features of these birds. Have a look at Richard Ek´s pictures for instance!

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