söndag 20 december 2009

Winter Starlings

20:th of December 2009
Today 3 starlings showed up on my backyard feeding station downtown. I only started it for the season 3 days ago so that´s good, but it is in fact only the 2:nd time ever I´ve seen them here in winter. Last time (some 10 years ago) was a funny case, because they just fed on some leftovers from a carrot/ potatoe hash cake i had made and just put out on the balcony. After having finished them they left never to return despite all the other good stuff I put out for them. Let´s see how they´ll do this time. Today I instantly went out with bits of cheese, crumbs of bread, boiled egg and some red currants I found in the freezer. They did return so hopefully they´ll stay for a little longer these charming birds. Blackbirds and Fieldfares are around too with all the berries there is to eat for them. The picture was taken in november when Starlings were still around in numbers.

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