måndag 25 juli 2011

Great Moth-night

20:th of July 2011
Excellent conditions for a night out with Moths. 5 crazy guys put out 6 mercury lamps and canvas in a multi habitat with oaks, aspens, grassy areas and stony slopes on an island. Dyring 6 intense hours (finishing at 3.30(!) we identify and photograph no less than 70 species of macro moths: Scarce Silver Y, Small Chocolate-tip, Oak Nycteoline, beautiful Garden Tigers, Lime–, Elephant– and Poplar Hawk Moths, Rosy Footman, Lempkes Gold-spot, Dark Arches, Green Arches, Lunar-spotted Pinion, V-Moth, Brussels Lace, to mention but a few. Even some without english names: Diachrysia tutti, Eilema lutarellum and Paradrina selini. This Elephant Hawk-moth sat in a thistle the whole night from dusk til dawn.

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Prmck sa...

Nice! Kanske jag kan hänga med på en nattfjäril utflykt nån kväll? Vilken tid på året är bäst?