lördag 14 juli 2012

The Avian adventures -group from last week enjoyed some really good butterflies and birds during a very dynamic week. 42 species of Butterflies included highlights like Poplar Admiral, Camberwell Beauty, Baltic Grayling, Scarce Copper, Purple-edged Copper, Scarce–, Marsh- and Assman´s Fritillary, Bog-, Cranberry-, High Brown-, Queen of Spain Fritillary, Large Blue, Amanda´s, Ida´s, Green-underside, Cranberry and Mazarine Blues, Geranium and Mountain Argus, Large and Pearly Heath to mention but a few. The very late season made us see several early species. Only one site was missed due to bad weather. Enjoy some pics! First 3 Assman´s Fritillary.

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