lördag 21 juli 2012

Baltic Hawker

Baltic Hawker (Aeshna serrata) is one of Europe´s least distributed Hawkers. It´s got a stronghold in the east of central Sweden. This female is the first for the year and the first I´ve seen in the county of Västmanland. Despite knowing it should breed here, it´s been difficult to find and identify. This individual was netted by David Andersson! Thank´s David!

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alan dalton sa...

Hi Daniel,

Nice to see shots of Baltic Hawker, never seen one of these!

Was wondering if you could help me with a question? Yesterday at a site north of Stockholm, I believe I photographed Small Skipper. The photo is published on my blog. I am being told the species does not occur in Sweden, though am quite sure the id is correct. Just wondering if you coluld shed any light on this..Photos here...

Many thanks,

Alan Dalton.