måndag 8 juni 2020

Irish Damselfly! Finally!

Crescent Bluet, a.k.a. Irish Damselfly (Coenagrion lunulatum) is one of few damselflies I have not (knowingly) seen before. Damsels have just started to fly here and last week when I was out butterflying on a bog, I photographed the only blue damsel I saw in that habitat. At a closer look on the computer I started to see characteristics known for C. lunulatum; green underside, green eyes, the wings covered segment 2 so I couldn´t see that, but the tail pattern looked good. Finally the blue spots on the top of the head where clearly separated. I consulted a few friends and experts who all confirmed my suspicion, indeed it was a Coenagrion lunulatum. My first ever and a species (although probably heavily overlooked) with just a handful of records reported in the county. Most other records from more deciduous areas with smaller wetlands. I did not expect to find it on a pine bog! It is however not unknown to appear in such habitats as well.

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